Fimeba Maschinenbau & Metallbearbeitung
   Mechanical Engineering & Metal Processing



Machine tool spindles.
Spindle service.
Precision parts.
Assembly production.

Precision parts

At FIMEBA, absolute
precision and just-in-time
delivery are simply
what we do:
From design to production
to high-precision technology
and documentation, ...


Assembly production

As an experienced supplier
to the automotive and
metal industries, we
produce mechanical
assemblies of all kinds, from parts that we purchase
- including scheduling, logis-
tics and final inspection. ...


Motor spindles

Every one of our motor
spindles is designed for
long life - whether for
the machine tool market,
test bed construction, glass processing, wood
processing or production of optical glass. ...


Spindle service

With our long years of
experience in producing
precision parts, our extensive
expertise in the roller bearing industry,
industrie und unserer
and our own spindle
production, we are proven ...