"We take care of the precision.
You save time and money."



We’re always there for you

You know our customers by their calm demeanor. They know we’re always there for them. FIMEBA has 20 years of systematic experience in producing precision parts, assemblies, proprietary motor spindles and providing comprehensive spindle service.

Now FIMEBA is an authorized strategic supplier to national and international industrial firms. Whether it’s individual units or small series production, whether plastic or titanium, whether blank or surface treated, our passion for absolute precision is seen in every part.

We stand out through our years of comprehensive expertise in all applications, and in meeting the most stringent requirements for fast, failure-free production.

You can see the passion for absolute precision in every part.

  • Titanium and all other metals and plastics
  • Surface treatment
  • Ultramodern machinery
  • Strategic supplier renowned industrial company
  • From single units to small series
  • In-house spindle development and service